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Jan 19  2012

As a seventh grader in public school, before The Christian Center For Learning Development, schoolwork was very time consuming and  I didn’t understand half of the things  the teachers were talking about. I needed help drastically. In school, my grades were horrible ! I was making D’s in math, science and English . I couldn’t find enough vocabulary to complete my writing assignments. It was hard to organize my sentences into coherent paragraphs.

So when we found CCFLD things just went uphill from there. I started to understand things better in math and reading. For anything I was having trouble in, he would go step by step and teach me through it. What really helped me as an individual was that the teaching session was one on one in a comfortable learning environment. 

Now as a ninth grader,  I am making A’s and B’s in all of my subjects! Thus my mom and dad are happier, and most of all I am happy with myself. And now when I get class assignments, I am more confident about my work. Now it’s easier and more fun to do a writing assignment.  Mr. Wolf is a great teacher and his teaching style helps you learn to comprehend the information. Thanks Mr. Wolf!!   Smile

                                                                                                         Ryan  Heman-Ackah

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